“Traducciones del Hubiera”

From photogrammetry to 3D print, and play with video as a light source. “Traducciones del Hubiera”  is my first in a series of video light 3D print sculptures. I use LCD panels to light (in complex forms) and play with tridimensional shadows.


As a heavy user of the camera in my practice, I found photogrammetry a perfect fitting technique for my purpose a close approximation to sculpture making. The video used for this piece is a reused video of my 360 Video Collages shoot in Campeche. By diffusing light of people I manage to condense their photo luminance and use their light from their bodies into my sculpture.




Polarity in Opacity Material Trough Light Technique E.g.

Working with light is probably my favorite thing to do while experimenting with objects; I have been interested in ways of projecting light in order to create movement. Over the last years in my research I have found ways of using materials that allow me to use back lighting to show hidden images. An in-between light box and light projection. Lately I’ve been playing with projection mapping as use of backlighting.

Lámpara Luciferina  /2016


Voyager Saturn Live – A Live TV (closed) Performance
/Documentation on Hidden Opacity Light Technique/  /2018

Artist Statement

Work tools are light and sound, as I often reconstruct cinema in order to create new experiences for the viewer. My subject matter gravitates towards the human landscape which I explore through fiction in relationship with reality.  It is important to create experiences for the viewer that showcase their own relationship as the “spectator” and “the art.” To see and be seen 👁️‍🗨️.
In order to create new perspectives for the spectator, I work within total experimentation and a foundation of knowledge. This creation of characters and environments uses the freedom of spontaneity and allows me to have a subjective realism, which creates a empathic, universal point of view. This grants me powerful freedom to access new possibilities in form of expanded cinema, performance, installation and the latest technologies.